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How do you make your apprenticeship intake more diverse?

One of the governments aims is to increase the proportion of apprentices from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities by 20 per cent. The government is also working towards getting more young women into apprenticeships that men tend to work … Read More

University applications have fallen, what does that mean for apprenticeships?

Fewer University Applications For the first time in four years, the number of people applying to university has fallen by 4%. That’s 25,000 people that have been looking at an alternative route and this could be for a number of … Read More

What is going on with equality?

You may have heard recently that some familiar faces from the BBC are on a huge amount of money and more staggeringly, the male TV stars are on far more than highest paid female stars. For example, Chris Evans is … Read More

Employers Are Paying More To Recruit New Staff Due To Skills Shortage

Is internal training via apprenticeships the way to tackle the skills shortage? There are many different factors that have caused the skills shortage that has intensified over the recent months. Part of the problem is the uncertainty that faces us … Read More

Degree apprenticeships… the future?

Degree apprenticeships are now the future as the research in this blog explains. Degree apprenticeships fill the gap between an advanced apprenticeship and university and create something that allows a student to work their way up an organisation all while studying for … Read More

What is the first step for employers and training providers?

Know your audience It’s a well-known fact that leaving school is a stressful and confusing time. Our post-millennials or generation Z are no exceptions, in fact, it might be more difficult for them, as post-millennials are faced with more choices … Read More

The Largest Online Careers Seminar ‘The Big Assembly’

‘The Big Assembly’ taking place during National Apprenticeship Week attempts to set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ for the largest online careers advice seminar EVER. We are proud to be working with schools, young people, parents, careers advisors and employers from … Read More

Top 15 Checklist for Training Providers

January is one of the busiest months of the year for Training providers, particularly as the Levy approaches and employers get more interested in the opportunities offered by apprenticeships and traineeships. Start your new year off the right way by completing … Read More

Watch our new TalentPortal video!

We are very pleased to have our new video explaining how the TalentPortal works, what benefits it provides for apprenticeship recruiters and managers, and what tools are available to improve the recruitment process within the platform. Please get in touch … Read More

5 Industries with Challenging Skills Gaps

Although the job market has much improved since the recession, there is still a lack of opportunities in many sectors, maintaining the competitiveness that was widespread a few years ago. However, there are some industries that are particularly suffering from … Read More