GetMyFirstJob partners with National Citizen Service to boost young people’s social and professional skills- OnRec

The range of opportunities available for students who have just received their exam results go beyond university

Apprenticeships should fit local economy- HR Magazine

The range of opportunities available for students who have just received their exam results go beyond university

A Levels Results Day – LBC

Our Managing Director, David Allison was invited to speak on Leading Britain’s Conversation to talk about what young should do once they’ve received their A Levels.

University vs apprenticeship: Are apprenticeships still considered masculine?
– We are the city

Previously when you thought of apprenticeship schemes the first picture that sprung to mind was a young boy in a hard hat, on a building site, learning about carpentry or plumbing.

GCSE results 2016: What to do if they haven’t gone the way you expected – The Independent

The range of opportunities available for students who have just received their exam results go beyond university

GetMyFirstJob reaches milestone of helping 300,000 apprentices find work – FE news

According to the House of Commons Youth Unemployment statistics there were 624,000 young people aged 16-24 unemployed in the UK from June 2016 to August 2016.

A-level results day 2016: 90% of students feel education system only prepares them for exams – allabout school leavers

Young people say their schools put too much focus on exams and not career preparation, new study reveals

It’s Not Their Grades That Students Should Be Worrying About
– Forbes

After years of toil and sweat, the day students get their final result is one of immense relief, but for all the focus on results, it’s not their grades that students should be worrying about.

The 10 steps to small business growth
– The Guardian

In a recent survey, a quarter of small business owners said growing a business was more difficult than starting one. We talk to those in the know about developing a strategy for growth and making sure you grow your business at the right time.

Young people let down by poor careers advice

Many pursue roles they haven’t shown an interest in, revealing a ‘lack of confidence’. A profound mismatch exists between apprenticeship vacancies and the areas young people want to work in, according to new data calculated for TES.

Cost of university questioned as only 30% of undergraduates feel they’re getting
value for money
– The Independent

Concerns about whether university is preparing graduates for the world of work is casting doubt over the value for money it provides students, new research has suggested.

Young people want more guidance to help land first job
– Apprentice Eye

GCSE students awaiting their results tomorrow have expressed their dismay at the lack of effective help and guidance to steer them into the world of work, apprenticeship-matching platform.

A-level results: UK education system only prepares students for
exams and not careers, survey finds
– The Independent

Over 90 percent of students believe the current UK education system sees exam results as more important than career preparation, new research has found.

David Allison discusses alternatives to university – Share Radio

This year a record number of students secured university places but what other options exist for young people? GetMyFirstJob is a web platform that helps young people find apprenticeships and their first step on the career ladder. Our managing director David Allison joined Georgie Frost to discuss the options available.

David Allison: Engineering good choices – FE Week

As A-level students up and down the country nervously thumb open envelopes that could determine where their lives will head next, David Allison, managing director of apprentice recruitment service getmyfirstjob.co.uk, will be one of those nodding with sympathy.