Whenever I’m asked why we set up GetMyFirstJob, I always reflect on my experience working for a big multi-national where I was responsible for learning and development. We identified very clearly that no matter how good the training and organisational culture, if the wrong people were recruited into the business, they were still the wrong people.

Although this was a challenge when recruiting experienced staff, recruiting good Apprentices that had the potential to be great was almost impossible. When you think about it, the likelihood of the right candidate finding the right job on the right website at the time when it happens to be posted is so mathematically remote to make it unworkable.

We set up GetMyFirstJob to help solve this problem; by working with young people and finding out what they are really interested in, and not simply making them apply for a job that happens to be available today, we’ve started to transform the way in which young people make the transition from education to work.

It’s a classic win-win. Candidates find out about roles that really interest them so are more engaged. Organisations – whether business, government of third sector – are able to recruit people that have a genuine interest in their work, not simply people who were told to apply to a job on a website. We’re proud of the fact that since we started, over 2.25m people have used our site to find out more about this approach.

In a busy month, we’re helping over 30,000 candidates to access the right opportunity for them. Working with a team that’s delivered this kind of success gives me a reason for coming into work every day looking for ways to improve what we do even more.

David Allison CEO, GetMyFirstJob